The benefits of wireless headphones in today life

Wireless Headphones technology has brought great benefits to people’s lives at all levels. From cordless appliances such as vacuum cleaners that help clean faster, to well-known cordless landlines that allow you to chat quietly while doing any household chores. In this line, there are other devices in which wireless technology has gained a strong presence causing a complete revolution in its use. 

The headphones with built-in bluetooth are basically cordless headphones that generally work thanks to its rechargeable battery. It is an original and comfortable alternative since they can used without the worry of stretching the cable over the account or dragging with it devices such as a laptop or a mobile phone.

In addition, today it is extremely easy to find best wireless earbuds under 100 dollars, since its use can be applied in different situations. Listen to music, play a video game, play an electronic instrument, or even watch TV without disturbing anyone. This variety of possibilities has made the main brands of the market have developed different models with which to meet all the needs, especially those of the gamers, whose demands have increased during the last years.

There are options that stand out for their comfort, and others for the sound quality, there are even those that combine both qualities. Within the extensive catalog, you can find bluetooth headphones for all aesthetic tastes and, also, in different economic ranges for all budgets.

Three types of wireless headphones

The different situations in which you may need the use of headphones have caused that there are also various types of bluetooth headphones to optimize their use. For example, we will not use the same headphones to go jogging as to listen to music lying on the couch or to play the online fashion game on our desktop computer. Therefore, it is convenient to know the three types of headphones that can currently be found in the market.


  • In-ear headphones


To talk about in-ear headphones is to talk about the most common modality. These are the most popular: they are headphones of small dimensions, the size of a button, which are inserted into the ear. They are also know as “intraurals” and stand out for their affordable price and the convenience of being able to take them anywhere without occupying a prominent space. They fit in your pocket, in a backpack, and there are even models that bring their own packaging to avoid knots .

One of its main advantages is that, through bluetooth technology, they are ideal headphones for listening to music while we do sports, without the annoying movement of the cable while doing activities such as running motivating us with those songs that will help us endure a few minutes More at full capacity. It also highlights its functionality for hands-free calls, or even for listening to music or radio at work.


  • On-ear headphones


The on-ear headphones are a step forward in terms of comfort and sound quality compared to in-ear. The on-ear, also called circumlunar, are larger: the earpiece charges the ear and adjusts thanks to a headband above the head. They are a more comfortable option since the headset is cover with a spongy and soft material that does not damage the ear. And the mentioned headband can adjusted to the size of the head of the person who uses them.

In addition, in terms of sound quality, they are also superior because they better isolate the auditory pavilion from outside noise and, in addition, because of their qualities, they offer a greater frequency range to better capture both the bass and treble of the audio. The on-ear headphones are the most used for video games, so there is a lot in the market both aesthetically and quality.


  • Over-ear headphones


This is an alternative similar to the on-ear headphones, but with a difference: while the on-ear support their support in the ears, the over-ear do it on the head with the headband that has a pad at the base that Increases comfort and prevents discomfort from rubbing. They also stand out for the sound quality, so they are ideal for gaming, for listening to music or enjoying movies or series.

Within the over-ear wireless headphones we must distinguish two categories. On the one hand, open backs are those that provide good insulation from outside noise but, on the other, there are closed backs , which achieve total isolation, helping the user to focus his attention on what he is listening through bluetooth helmets.

The emergence of wireless headphones in the market has been a revolution, both in the traditional conception of these devices and in the way that users consumed until now products such as music, movies, series and even video games. There is a wide variety of bluetooth helmets on the market, each ideal for each different situation with which to meet the needs of users, increasingly demanding.

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