Good internet speed means different things to all of us. A business where only e-mails are the main mode of communication may need standard internet speed. But watching High Definition (HD) content o the streaming services may require faster connection. Online gamers would want more reliability along with high-speed internet connection. And an online business totally dependent on the internet connection also needs the same aspect of internet reliability and speed.

How to choose your service plan?

Well, to be honest, almost every single person do get confuse while selecting an internet connection suitable to them. The first step in this process is to select the company that is providing what is best for you. And then you have to go through their different plans. The things you want to do on the internet will give you a fair idea, what plan do you want. Also, along with these things, keep an eye on the rules and restrictions of the company and service plan.

How to check the speed of your current connection?

The speed aspect of the internet is very essential yet many of the users do not know their internet connection speed. To avoid this problem you can simply look for a reliable website that speed tests your internet connection. A simple Google search will be more than enough to find a decent tester.

How much speed is enough for you?

For the speed of 1 Mb/second, you can perform tasks like sending and receiving e-mails, social media and browsing internet. If you want to use the internet for listening to music, the speed should be doubled to enjoy without any buffering. A standard quality of video can be easily and effortlessly streamed if you have a connection speed of 3 Mb/second. If you want to have the quality content in full High Definition, then it is advisable to have speed upwards of 5 Mb/second and preferably 10Mb/second.

What about upload and download speeds?

There is a lot said about having good download speeds and while it is true that you should have good download speed but neglecting the upload speed is not a good idea. Download speed refers to the speed of internet when you are downloading something. Of course, you would want to have good speed for this as the time consumption will be less. Similarly uploading refers to the speed of internet when you are uploading something on the internet. If you are a user of cloud storage, then you should check the uploading speed and limit of your internet connection, as most Internet Service Providers (ISP) have their uploading speed less than the downloading speed.

What about the speed of the internet for your business?

It depends on what level your business is dependent on the internet. If you just exchange your e-mails on the web, well then you can use the standard internet speed. But if your business is completely online and all your transactions happen on the internet, then you should spend a bit more in hope of a good internet connection. The most important thing in your business is the high speed and reliability of the internet connection.

What about the Wi-Fi connection?

If you want to have a good Wi-Fi connection to go along with your internet, you should first access the devices that will be connected to it. If the number of devices is fairly low, then the speed of the internet can be the standard speed of 5 Mb/second. But if the number of devices increases, then you should have the special Wi-Fi plan and also a bigger bandwidth.


If you have accessed your situation with respect to the internet you require. Then you can easily define what kind of quality and quantity you need on your internet. If you want to have a good internet experience, then you must do a little research about the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you have in your locality.

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