WordPress Trends 2019 nobody is Telling You About

Your SEO heavily depends on the fact about how much abreast you are with the modern-day trends of web design. There are a lot of changes that have been accounted for since 2018. What worked out then, is totally obsolete now and might pull you back on SEO terms. With so many websites, now there are often cases that are unavoidable like, you all have come across stories of bad branding and security breaches.

But every platform is trying to fix this issue and there is a need to check priorities, take for instance penalties introduced by google on sites without SSL certificate. As Google has already cleared its priorities regarding user safety also introduction of more mobile-first-campaign is now a trend that has to be followed.

In clear terms trend always on to follow a simple rule that is enhancing performance without hampering user experience. So, it is not a surprise that there are going to be new trends that you need to follow for your future WordPress Website Design.

We at Foxtraut Software-WordPress website Design Company bring you these trends that you need to adopt for upcoming years.

Future Trends of Web Design and Development

Let’s go through trends that our team at WordPress Website Design Company in Delhi NCR thinks for upcoming years.

Adventurous Color Palettes

Using color to improve the visual quality of the website is going to be a trend there is also a need for you to look into color psychology that can help your website in enhancing user experience.

Rule-Breaking Typography

It’s time to say goodbye to your traditional text that you use in heading as the upcoming year brings trend using funkier text in headings, so there is a need for you to get little rebellious with typography in web designs.

Hand-Drawn Graphics

Using hand-drawn graphic is another thing that is needed to be added in your web design if your planning for future, hand-drawn graphics adds to creativity and give life to your site.

Subtle Animation

You need to become cool with the design of your website and what’s better than adding animation elements on your website.

Video Headers

Video header is in the market for quite a long time but current attraction of masses towards it is something that is generated very rapidly. Surely, it is going to be a new trend and there is a need for you to include in your checklist.

Sticky Elements

Moving from obstructive pop-up to out-of-the-way pop-ups is a trend that you need to follow it is a smart choice to follow along with making the best design for pop-box.


Introducing your website with some interactive charts, maps, and infographics is going to be a trend of the future.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

It is time to acknowledge that virtual reality as the next big thing; it is a whole new field to take advantage of. Providing visitors with the best interactive experience is a feature that every company will want on their website.

Now it is time to move on to other important feature that is plug-ins.

Best WordPress Plugins

To improve your website with the help of plugin you need to remember one thing that it is not a number game, you are not doing any good for your site by filling it up with lots of plug-ins. Instead, you need to focus all attention on understanding quality, need of your site and use of plug-in.


Plug-in provides your site login protection, security monitoring, theme and plugin-checks, all these qualities making it great plug-in choice for your site.


Akismet is another plug-in that will help you to know about the status history of each comment. It is basically an anti-spam plug-in that will deal with spammy comments.

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemap is a plug-in that is very useful for your WordPress website. It enables your site with better indexing on google search engines. Hence, it is the best SEO plugin that you can use.


Humming is a best performance plugin it will help optimization of content and files of your WordPress website making them run faster enhancing user experience.



SmartCrawl is the plugin that is used to keep all your pages, posts, and images optimized and ready to impress anyone who encounters them in search.



There is a need for a reliable and secure platform while dealing with selling products online e-commerce websites and WooCommerce plug-in helps you in syncing secure e-commerce platform.

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