What Drives Client Loyalty in Integration Mailerlite Projects?

The purpose of this article is to examine the relationship between Integration Mailerlite performance and client loyalty and to identify loyalty drivers.

The Selection Process

Short-listing and selecting an ERP systems integrator can be a long, arduous process, and oftentimes the client keeps their fingers crossed that they’ve made the right decision. The goal, of course, is to identify the best integrator for the project. Because having ERP means upgrades, enhancements, etc., the ideal scenario is for a client to develop a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with their systems integrator.

From the client perspective, they want their systems integrator to…

  • Deliver what they say they can deliver
  • Complete the delivery on time (or within a reasonable window)
  • Bring measurable long-term benefits

From the systems integrator perspective, they want their clients to…

  • Keep coming back for future projects
  • Be a reference when selling to other clients

In summary, clients want an ERP systems integrator to execute well so their company can meet their business goals, and the systems integrators want their clients to be satisfied to drive more business in the future. This research reveals that there is a strong relationship between how a systems integrator performs and client loyalty.

Client Loyalty

Because of the size and complexity of ERP systems integration projects, the reasons for retaining a systems integrator for future projects (or not) can extend beyond effective delivery. Therefore, this research includes two different measures of client loyalty – one at the company level and another at the individual level.

Future Consideration: The likelihood of the organization re-engaging with the provider…


Will not shortlist (abandonment)

Will shortlist (consideration)

Will engage again (retention)

Likelihood to Recommend: The likelihood of a key stakeholder to recommend the systems integrator to a colleague…

1 – 10 scale

10 – Extremely likely to recommend

1 – Not at all likely to recommend

Using the classifications identified in Fred Reichheld’s best selling book The Ultimate Question, clients can be classified into one of three groups: Promoters (score of 9 – 10), Passives (score of 7 – 8), and Detractors (scores of 1 – 6).

It is more difficult to gain the individual recommendation of a key stakeholder than it is to gain repeat systems integration business. As mentioned earlier, there are several reasons why a company would re-engage their systems integrator that aren’t performance related (more details to follow). Having an individual put their own personal reputation on the line with a fellow colleague requires a higher level of performance.

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