Payroll Bedrijf, Changing Providers -Chapter One

Why change your Payroll Bedrijf?

  • Service Stinks
  • Cost too High
  • Too many Errors
  • No help with IRS
  • Lost in the Shuffle

Service Stinks. Payroll service is all about service. If you don’t perceive that your business receives good service then you probably aren’t getting good service. Payroll service providers know that their level of service has to be extremely high. Are you getting what you were promised? Too often salespeople promise what production can’t deliver. Are your problems addressed, and more importantly solved, immediately. If your account has been overdrafted and you don’t get your money back in two business days or less you are not getting good service.

Cost too High. Are you paying more than you should? How do you tell? Get some quotes. There are a number of free quote services on line. Google “Payroll quotes” and go from there. Many times your payroll company will negotiate with you if you feel the price is too high, but not always. Remember also that the major payroll companies have a revenue maximization process. They will quote you a price to get your business. There use to be right on the Paychex contract a line call WIT for the salesperson to fill in. WIT stood for “Whatever it Takes”. The salesperson would give any concession to get the payroll business. Then the local office would stealthily increase the price every payroll or every few payrolls until it reached the maximum level the local office thought it could sustain.

The other thing a lot of payroll companies do is quote you prices but don’t tell you what is not include in that price. Things like a cost for: each hire, each termination, each report, each new report, each non standard report, each W2, each W2 reprint, tax service, phone entry, year end reports, unnecessary CDs, access fees, monthly fees and so on. Also if they give you a “discount” to get your business it can easily vanish.

Be careful of quotes to make sure everything is in them and your price is guaranteed for a period of time. Then check it every pay period to make sure it is what you expect.

Too many errors. Errors are inevitable when humans handle the payroll. If your service is making too many then you may choose to leave what ever the cost. Errors cost you in time and morale if not in actual dollars. Does your payroll provider try to fix blame for an error or do they just fix it. They should just fix it! If it really is your error and you admit it, expect a fee. If you think it is their problem and say so, they should take responsibility regardless of what they think. Does your payroll provider call you if they see something strange or do they just do it their way? If they do it their way you know they are not concerned enough about you to make a phone call or send an email.

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