How to Remove Tool Chest Drawers

When it comes to storing tools efficiently and effectively, tool chests offer many benefits, making it easier for you to maintain a good storage system.

However, over time, your tool chest might wear down, or you may need to remove tool chest drawers to clean or rescue fallen tools. When this occurs, you’ll need to know how to safely remove tool chest drawers without causing damage.

Want to know how to remove a drawer from your tool chest? Here’s what you need to know.

Removing tool chest drawers

In most cases, removing a drawer from a tool chest is easy! Before you begin, open the drawer, and empty its contents until no tools remain.

Once you’ve done this, pull the drawer out as far as possible, and check the side rail to see whether your drawer has tabs or a level.

If the drawer uses a lever system, pull the level up or down in reverse of its current position. This should unlock the drawer and allow you to remove it.

If the drawer uses tabs, press the tabs on both sides of the drawers to unlock and remove the door.

When tool chest drawers become stuck

In some cases, a tool chest drawer may not be able to be removed easily. This can occur when a drawer becomes stuck or wedged in place.

If the standard process for removing drawers doesn’t work, consider whether your tool chest drawer may be locked or stuck.

If you notice a blockage, safely attempt to clear this while remaining aware. And alert so as not to cause injury to yourself or damage to tools or the tool chest.

If needed, you can use an approved product to oil the drawer’s runners. This can help you remove a drawer that has become stuck due to age, rust, or dirt.

Cleaning tool chest drawers

It’s important that you clean your tool chest drawers regularly. This helps to keep drawers in the best possible condition and has the same effect on the tools you store.

When you’ve removed the drawers from your tool chest, use a clean, damp cloth to gently remove dust, dirt, and other debris.

Depending on what your tool chest is made from, you may also apply polish or an anti-corrosion solution to prevent rust from forming.

Replacing tool chest drawers

After you have finished cleaning your tool chest drawers, you’ll be ready to reinstall them. This is possible by simply reversing the removal process.

If your drawers use a lever system, pull the lever in the opposite direction to unlock the tracks, and slide the drawers back into place.

If your tool chest uses tabs, press the tabs on both sides to unlock the system, and then slide drawers into place.

After this, you can refill your drawer with tools, ensuring that you follow your organisation system to keep track of your tools.

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