How To Enjoy Everyday A Course in Miracles Manifestation

A Course in Miracles: This type of thinking projects threat onto you, and continues generating illusory perceptions that your inner power is unreal.

Your inner power may create the exact reality you want by reflecting it into this world, and lived as your life here on earth.

What holds many people back is a seemingly powerful resistance called the ego-based mind operating within us, which does its best out of fear and guilt, to see an unfolding of miracle manifestation as unreal and impossible.

Thus the ego goes out of its way to believe Divinity is separate from your inner power, if it exists at all, and that it is God and all of Divinity is located someplace “out there.”

Before you can let go of what’s holding you back you must more clearly understand it so you may direct it off of the theater screen of your life.

The ego is afraid of your inner power– the power of mind deeply rooted in you, that “rock” about you, your true identity. The ego will try to avoid perceiving this power of mind. It will work hard to depreciate your inner power with its wrong-minded thinking, leading to total wrong-mindedness.

Creating the life you truly want and understanding why we fear

There will come a point in time when the ego will tire of its convincing antics, when it sees its own life coming to an end. You live on in peace, uninterrupted by illusory ego-messages.

This is why you may at times doubt or fear your inner power.

The ego-based mind prides itself on the fact that its beliefs were built since time immemorial by generations of sacrifice.

This posture gives the ego a sort of assurance that your true Divinity is far away and will not interfere with its own thought system.

A Course in Miracles states, “It is through these shadowy and strange figures that the insane relate to their insane world.”

The ego-based mind strives to gain paradise through continued sacrifice. If you do not buy into its fantasy, it will go to great lengths to convince you that you are in denial and living a life leaning toward sin through fantasy of your own.

Why many are living in fear

Knowledge has no amounts or sizes or degrees; it is totally without division and certainly can not be distanced. Since the ego relies on what it believes, it doesn’t have the capability to understand totality, let alone believe in it. This belief in fantasy is how it made itself through dreaming.

Try to look a little deeper here, just for a moment or so, and see that the power of mind always creates as it was created.

When we learn to reflect our inner essence rather than project fear we begin creating change in our lives, relationships being healed, weight loss, career enthusiasm, perhaps improved golf game, financial areas, whatever it might be is yours brought to you by your inner power.

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