A Course In Miracles – Learning to Accept What Is

A Course In Miracles: A number of years ago, I read a book by Daryl Rutherford’s entitled, Why aren’t you rich? Riches doesn’t just apply to money. One of the key messages of this book is found in his 2nd principle –

We cannot receive what we cannot accept.

At no time is that more true than as we age. As a midlife woman, I have the choice to either deny where I am at (read that decline), or accept it and become truly who I was always meant to be. This is truly the age of miracles, a time to let go of all judgments of ourselves and what is. Learning to accept what is is essential to being happy.

Accepting Others

A friend of mine, Deborah, helped me to interpret that even further by telling me how she has begun to practice acceptance – acceptance of other people as they are – as well as acceptance of everything that comes into our lives…
How often does someone offer to do something for you and you say, No, that’s okay – I can do that?
Instead of saying THANK YOU….

Or someone does something WE don’t like – they’re really giving us a gift – because it can help us to see something in OURSELVES that we really want different…and so, they support our spiritual growth – Again, we can be saying THANK YOU instead of looking to blame.

Why Me?

The same is true about the things that are happening in our lives. When life gives us what appears to be challenges, we say, WHY ME? Or What did I do wrong here?
It’s quite subtle but — We so often go to blame instead of thanksgiving.

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