How To Attract Media And Supercharge Your Blog Easily

Have you ever considered what would happen if CNN or BBC decides to feature your blog of doom on their homepage? That’s mind-blowing free traffic that is targeted. Every blogger out there is constantly looking for that loophole, maybe this article is all you need to please the media, and big giants and succeed online as a blogger. Instead of spending money on expensive Ad Words or looking for an on sale coupon to promote your blog, you can achieve the same results with media recognition.

As you read along, please keep your mind open, there is a lot of helpful nuggets to pick along the way.

First, the media in this context refers to those sites that have ready and responsive readers. These sites have built a huge fan-base, not just an email list. The fan base is quite different from an email subscriber because of a fan trusts, believes and takes your word and recommendations to heart. That’s why it’s advisable to concentrate your entire blogging career on the bedrock of increasing your fan-base, without neglecting the email list.

There are millions of highly trafficked blogs and sites across the web, some of these sites are desperate to have you on their homepage Pubfilm. But like anything in life, you need a combination of curiosity and quality to climb the ladder.

Before I break this topic down, let me let you in a bit on the potential of having your site or blog on the high trafficked site. Maybe your blog currently receives 100 – 500 search organic traffic, and unfortunately, your bounce rate is above 60%. Well, that’s an indication that your marketing effort is lacking the necessary ingredients to retain visitors.

But when you make it to a media site like Digg, CNN, Apple, BBC, IGN, and other popular sites, I bet you’ll receive nothing less than 1000 fresh visitors to your site. These people are going to surf your site as though it’s their job.


Why? The reason is that they got to your site from an authoritative platform – media site.

Alright, so that’s by the way. Now, let’s consider how to attract the media and I have just two strategies that work. These strategies are:


Press Release Distribution and Quality Content.

1. Press Release Distribution

An easy way to attract media sites and improve your blogging adventure is via press release distribution. Over the past few months, I’ve had good experiences with a press release system. It works and if you can give it a shot, I’m sure you’ll experience a surge of instant targeted traffic.

Google has several arms of publicity, the best you should cherish is Google News. Just like Newspapers and Magazines, your works can be published on Google news within 24 – 48 hours of releasing it.


How Does It Work?

It’s pretty doable and interesting. You need to sign up with press release sites like and I stick to these two because they are effective and search engine friendly. Once you’ve your account verified, you’re good to go.

The press release is simply an article announcement. It’s quite different from the traditional article that you submit to article directories. With a press release, you’re not giving the details, your job is to announce the launch of a new blog, site or a product. You could also use this medium to announce your recent blog posts. The real secret is to make this announcement in the third-person.

80% of those who read press release articles are media practitioners. They are seeking helpful news materials and the ones that could make it to the front page of Google News must be unique, interesting and somewhat breaking new varianceTV.

After you’re done with writing the press release, make sure you insert your website address within the content. accepts 3 links to your sites (does not allow anchor link). The more of your website link you add, the more click-through you get. If this is clear, you’re one step away from attracting the media. And here’s the litmus bullet proof secret to make this a go-getter.


2. Quality Content On Your Site

75% of interesting and quality press releases don’t make it to Google News. I battled with this scenario but later realized the real issue. After your release article is live, don’t stop right there. Media practitioners and press personnel are going to be visiting your blog of doom.

If your blog of doom is crappy, with no unique and engaging content, you won’t make it to the front page. So, position your blog well and make sure you have the appropriate mercenaries to engage these media people.


You’re Marketing Takeaway

You don’t need to always appear on the Google homepage every day to succeed online. What you need is one appearance and that could transform your fan base, increase your backlinks as authority sites with PR4 – PR7 links back to you, as well as an increase in fresh targeted traffic.

Let nothing deter you from writing quality content. No matter how long it takes to make it to these media sites and change your entire marketing activities, be patient and you’ll reap the reward.

It’s all about making your blog of doom popular, attracting clients and converting them into repeat customers. Isn’t that the sole purpose of you doing business online? Share your comments and let me know what you think about this post.

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