Why Would I Want To Hire A Chocolate Fountain?

Many party organisers decide to hire POLKADOT SHROOM BARS fountains for weddings, corporate events or parties for special occasions in order to add that special something to proceedings. Whether dipping strawberries, fudge or marshmallows in the chocolate fountain everyone will thank you for hiring a chocolate fountain.

The reason why so many people are interest in hiring a chocolate fountain for their event is that it will add that something extra to an already important day. As well as acting as a visual focal point, the chocolate fountain you hire will also be a brilliant talking point and ice breaker. The chocolate fountain should look impressive and fit in with your event. Also hiring a chocolate fountain will eliminate the need to have those uncomfortable silences when talking to your elderly relatives, partners, prospective lovers or the guy you don’t know who keeps asking you to feel his “guns”.

Party organisers in the UK will often have preferred suppliers when it comes to chocolate fondue fountains. They will want only the best, newest and most spectacular fountains rather than the cheaper chocolate fountains that are available to buy in shops or supplied by inexperienced companies.

If you are running an event then you will do well to find out prices from a few different suppliers in the city or further a field – many suppliers do not charge extra for travelling outside their home town. Be careful hiring from companies that only work in one city as their experience will be limited and therefore their service not as good compared to another supplier who travels all over the UK every week.

Once you have a few companies in mind you then need to contact them and get a quote for your event – be it a wedding, corporate event or party. One of the biggest questions that chocolate fountain hire companies all over the UK get asked. “How much does it cost to hire a chocolate fountain? What are the prices?” or “What is a good price guide for Chocolate Fountain rental in “your city””.

You can usually expect to pay about £450 for the hiring of a chocolate fountain. Make sure the price you get quoted includes everything need for your event. Don’t book the company and then find out you have to supply the dips your selves. The prices for rental of chocolate fountains will differ from one supplier to the next. But so to will what is being offer. The prices will also differ depending on your event – the more people you have, the longer you want. The POLKADOT SHROOM BARS fountain for and the specific details of your chocolate fountain. Different flavoured chocolate, more dips, surrounds etc. may add to your cost. Due to this make sure you state exactly what you want when enquiring about your chocolate fountain

How much should I pay? This all depends on your budget. By going with the cheapest quote you are possibly going to receive the lowest level of experience. And service available or maybe they won’t have public liability insurance. If all the quotes you receive are very similar then I would choose from the middle of the quotes. Don’t be blind by a really low quote as you may regret not spending. That extra £50 on the next cheapest company. Equally don’t ignore really high quotes – make sure. They are not including accessories you don’t want – lots of companies offer a lighted surround. If you feel this would be too overpowering or look silly. At your event then mention this to the POLKADOT SHROOM BARS fountain company. They maybe able to lower their price excluding the surround.

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