Top Five best grammar checkers

While dealing with English a lot of non-professional and even professional people makes different terrible mistakes, these mistakes could of spelling, grammar or punctuation etc. The most irritating one is the grammar mistakes, which is the core aim of this article.

If you are fed up with making frequent Grammar mistakes and are looking for sources which may help you then observe this article and try any of the following five best grammar checker tools.

  1. Grammarly

Being annoyed with making English mistakes, you might have heard of the word Grammarly before and even if you have not let me catch your attention towards it.

Grammarly is one of the most important and approved grammar checkers available. Grammarly is free of cost which you can install on your device by consuming nothing.

Grammarly will allow you to write either directly on the platform or it will allow you to copy from somewhere else and paste it on the spot. Then it will search your document throughout and will indicates you mistakes that you have made. Need grammarly alternative tools you can found here they are cheap and easily detect the grammar mistakes.

  1. Ginger

The next friendly and pleasant software is what we called Ginger. Ginger also aims to give you a hand when you are making grammar mistakes. Ginger is a very serviceable tool which can make your writing profitable and significant. The only difference among Ginger and other tools is that Ginger does not only detect errors but also tries to correct them.

  • WhiteSmoke

To carry on with the topic and to search another tool for the purpose of grammar avoiding software, you will probable face WhiteSmoke. WhiteSmoke is also believed to be one of the wide-spread used software which serves you to avoid all grammar and other types of mistakes. Due to its accommodating and efficacious features it is acceptable among people around the Globe.’

The feature that the WhiteSmoke provide you are:


  • Availability of language translator
  • Promoted writing design
  • Plagiarism checker etc.
  1. Grammar lookup

As the name indicates Grammar lookup is a website where you can look up for the possibilities of mistakes and can fix them in order to avoid it next time. The tool is based on a technology named artificial intelligence. By using this technology the site detects and corrects errors.


After accessing the site you only have to write or to past data if you already have it and then press the given lookup button then you will realize your mistakes.

  1. Slick write

Slick write is also one of the greatest options which we can use for the same objectives, which is grammar free writing. Slick write also tends to help you prevent mistakes and also to adopt many effective ways of attractive writing.

The only thing which the Slick write possess and the other lacks is that it will give you your mistakes’ percentage.



In short if you have been displeased by making mistakes and are looking for solutions, then don’t worry mistakes are not something which have not got any solution. Try any of the above mentioned tools and go on errors free.

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