The Evolution of Valet Trash Houston

Valet Trash Houston service has always been a need, but it can came a long way since those early times when trash was just dump wherever. We have found many ways to make trash removal healthier and better for the environment. There have been great strides in trash service that have brought to our civilized and well managed methods that we have today.

In the Beginning

There has always been trash of some kind. Though it is not document, the early civilizations probably just drop trash anywhere. Of course, their trash would have been biodegradable and probably just broke down and was absorb back into the earth. It was nothing like the many man-made products we throw away today.

In Greece, in 500 B.C. there was a municipal dump where everyone would dump their trash. The Mayans also had a trash dump. In early Europe, people would simply dump trash in the gutters. Some people would burn their trash as a heat source or go through the trash of wealthy neighbors for food scraps or other items that they would reuse.

The Next Step Up

It was in the 1800s when the first actual trash service began. Horse drawn carts were use to help carry away the trash that was shovel off the streets.

In the 1900s some small towns developed places where pigs were house and fed the trash collected from the town. These were call piggeries. Piggeries functioned well and many places still had one as late as the 1960s. However, in the 1950s many pigs in the piggeries got sick and laws were pass that all garbage must cooked before being fed to the pigs.

Also during the 1900s, larger cities had dumps. Most trash was brought to the dump by each individual, but some areas had collection which was done by a horse drawn cart. The trash in the dumps was usually burnt.

More Modern Times

As cities became more industrialized, there became a need to keep the streets and the water sources clean. Vehicles were built to collect trash. The first trucks were just open and trash often spilled out of them. Later on vehicles with compactors came along to make the trash service collection more sanitary.

Today there is municipal garbage collection which collects your trash right at your curbside. In some places you may use a dumpster where you put your trash into a large bin and a truck comes and collects it. Trash dumps are sanitary and many different policies help to ensure that trash is keep separate from ground water and other water sources, in addition, to keep away from the population and posing a health threat.

In addition, recycling centers also help with trash service. Most cities offer a recycling service where you can set out your recyclables and have them picked up just like your trash.

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