RPA future scope in India

Automation has gained tremendous momentum in the last few years. We can see that every activity whether it is our daily usual life or work life – automation has become a part of everything now. Making life easy and fast is the main objective of making things automated. With Automation coming into picture, many new technologies have also originated. One of them is Robotic Process Automation. Man has always been fascinated by Robots. This fascination and curiosity led to creating technology called RPA. RPA has been gaining popularity due to the way it supports automating monotonous, tedious activities to control expensive analysis and decision-making.

India is in a major position to become an RPA capital because of its growing talent pool and cost benefit. Nearly two lakh Robotic Process Automation led jobs are predicted to be created in the country by 2021. A career in RPA is considered to be very successful. Even the fresh graduates can get skilled up and look for opportunities. Also the salary package for experienced professionals with skill set in RPA is comparatively higher when compared to other domains. Anyone can improve their career graph by getting trained in RPA. Robotic Process Automation will surely turn to be the next most popular technology which will open plenty of job opportunities every year. Undergo Selenium training in Chennai also for career development.


RPA is the newest technology in the area of production and Artificial Intelligence. Since it is very easy to acquire this skillset and implementation is as well not complicated, this technology has gained huge popularity and success. This technology can accomplish simple and complicated task without any human intervention. Robotics Process Automation is the need of the hour for businesses where processes need to be automated to make things easy, accurate and quick.

With the growing demand of this tool and number of professionals with the RPA skillset being less, huge job opportunities are awaiting in the market. In future, RPA skilled professionals will become high earning workforce in the IT industry. Career options that are available after acquiring RPA skill sets are RPA developer, RPA Manager, Digital Media Coordinator, Process Automation Specialist, IT Specialist etc.

RPA have following tools

  • Automation Anywhere –This tool involves skill set on process regularity by automating and coping workflows in an organisation.
  • Blue Prism – this tool involves skill set ofBusiness Operations to be low cost and approachable. This tool allows quick automation to increase accuracy by planning a virtual workforce.
  • UiPath – this tool is asoftware application and process integration network.
  • Openspan – this tool controlsexpertise in desktop automation technologies with an aim on increasing revenue and work efficiency.

Among all the others tools above, the most popular is RPA Training in Chennai UiPath. This tool is very easy to learn and implement. It works on C# and requires very minimal programming and coding knowledge. Moreover, the Advance certifications for this tools comes free till Dec 31st 2019 which makes it more popular. To get the best training in RPA UiPath and master the skillset the best place is TestLeaf – No. 1 training institute in Chennai. Their training is completely hands-on with complete practical session given to the participants.

Their training and certification both can be completed within 5 weekends of the training. Training is given focusing the interview perspective as well so that participants are confident to crack the interviews as well. They also provide placement support post training to all the participants. So if you are someone who is looking to learn the newest technology, want to get the best opportunities in the IT market, striving for great salary payoff then RPA is the solution for it. RPA is one of the careers which is skill oriented but pays huge.

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