How to maintain the bearing of your longboard regularly?

A longboard bearing is a part of your skates performance. It is used to make a wheel spin on a axle. You can see the application of a bearing in a car, bus, truck, etc. You don’t need to dismantle your bearing everytime. In the article you will be introduced with different methods of using your longboard bearing without dismantling it. 

Different methods of avoiding longboard bearing dismantle

It is not required to dismantle your bearing everytime during cleaning. You must avoid this dismantling process as it is difficult operation. Moreover, due to dismantling the bearing quality is degraded. 

  1. Light and efficient maintenance 

The quality of your bearing must be checked regularly depending upon the use and climatic condition. You need to separate the wheel from the frame. Ones you complete the process of separation, clean the surface of the bearing with the help of toothbrush, kitchen paper or an air gun. This will make the surface free of dust. Moreover, a quick wipe and brush is required to keep the frame clean and free from dust. 

  • During a Race

If you do not have enough time to maintain the frame and bearing, you can use oil. The bearing gets lubricated after applying oil to it. You need to spray oil on each bearing. Moreover, you need to spin the wheel slowly for spreading the lubricant uniformly. After the uniform spreading of lubricant is completed, spin the wheel fast to take off the surplus. You must clean up the wheel using a kitchen paper or a rag to avoid slipping of the remaining drops of lubricant.  

  • Taking off the bearing to check its nature

Step 1: Taking the bearing off the wheel 

If your bearing is stucked due to irregular maintenance and remains skate in the corner for a longer period. For this irregularity, you need to separate the bearing from the wheel. The apparatus requires to fix the irregularity including Grease removing agent, oil, grease, waterproof container, rag and kitchen paper as well. 

Step 2: Cleaning the surface

After you extract the bearing from the wheel, you can easily clean the surface and also make the bearing dustfree and grease free. In the following process, you need a toothbrush to remove dust. Clean the bearing both from inside and outside to avoid the dust to enter in the cage under the cap. After that, clean the grease using a kitchen paper. In this case, you are also adviced to clean the central hole of the bearing using a kitchen paper. It completely works by increasing the efficiency of the longboard bearing.

Step 3: check the type of bearing

There are different types of bearing available in the market. You should now which type of bearing you are purchasing. In market you can find Bearing which can not dismantled. This include elastomer caps for 608DD bearing, and set bearing which you can lubricated but not dismantled.  

  • Dismantling of a 608ZZ bearing with metal caps

Step 1: Taking off the caps

You need to take off the circles for metal caps. You can do this by lifting one end of the circles with the help of a needle. Although, it is a long and hazardous method, but it is important if your bearing are dirty. A quick overlook will help you to judge the state of the balls in the bearing.  

Step 2: Grease removing 

 You need to immerse the bearing into a waterproof container full of white spirit of any grease removing agent. Moreover, shaking the container helps in better separation of grease. You are advise to keep the bearing for 5 min into the container. After that, you need to take off the bearing from the liquid. You must use a kitchen paper to absorb the extra liquid. 

Step 3: Drying

Drying your bearing is important before the process of greasing is initiate. After the application of grease, you need to spin the bearing for eventual distribution of the grease. Clean the extra grease and oil using a kitchen paper.  

Step 4: Lubrication 

Depending upon your use, the season and your financial means, Lubrication of the bearing is perform. Lubrication protect the bearing even from bad weather. Moreover, lubricating increases the work efficiency of the bearing. You are advance to lubricant the bearing with minimum drops of oil or lubricant.  

Step 5: Reassembling and taking off the surplus of lubricant

You need to put back the caps and circles. Besides, you need to spin the bearing in between your fingers to eject the surplus of lubricant. 

  • Bearing with elastomer caps

This is a similar task when you compare with the last task. Instate of inserting a pin between the cap and the central axis, you need to pry the caps carefully. There in no circlip in this type of bearing. Everybody has there own way of cleaning and maintaning there bearing.  

  • For grease removal: the gherkin Jar technique

It is a easy solution to avoid your fingers from getting dirty. You can use gherkin jars for avoiding your hand to get dirty. 

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You must scald your bearing with hot water. This will help you in taking off all the dirt from the ball and axes. You do not need any removing agent to clear the bearing.  

Compressed air

You can use a pressurized water gun or a air gun to clean a bearing. It is a first and clean process. Fix the bearing using two metal or shelves. You must use the water gun after wearing gloves. This will prevent you from metal splitting.

Bont bearing cleaner

You can also use a bont bearing cleaner. It is a user friendly process. You need to put the bearing on an axis. Besides, you need to spin the axis very first for eventual distribution of the grease. With this process, you can evacuate the dirt in a convenient way. 


For lubricating a bearing, you need to apply minimum drops of grease in between the balls. Besides, you need to reassemble the circlip. 

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A good tip to take Rust of your bearing 

Remove the rust of your bearing into LHM for one night. Besides, you need to spin the bearing to take off the. By the way, if you need a great quality needle or ball bearing, contact Padia Enterprise. They are the authorised IKO & LS bearing importer and a leading bearing suppliers in India. They are proud to be among the Top 9 Bearing Suppliers in Kolkata

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Maintenance of your spacers

If the longboard bearing is make of plastic, you are advice to check the bearing at regular intervals of time preventing it from exploding.

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