How to Increase Riding Safety with These Tricks? Make Your Helmet More Visible

Motorcycle helmets are one of the main safety elements for riders and in case of crashes these can undoubtedly save our lives. Yet, not all helmet are the same nor will they offer you the same protection.

So, let’s discuss how to make the motorcycle helmet more visibility to see and be seen better.

Light or fluorescent colors for the outer shell

The color of the shell or outer part of the helmet can make you more or less visible on the road. As in the case of cars, with light colors such as white or orange, to give two examples, it will be easier for other road users to see you than with a black helmet or in dark tones.

For a few years, helmets in yellow or fluorine green have become fashionable. They can seem very garish and aesthetically unattractive (there are also those who love them precisely because they are very striking), but above these considerations, you should imagine yourself riding at night with a yellow helmet and a black helmet. It is clear with which you will noticed more, right?

Brands such as HJC or LS2 already incorporate in each season models that, in large part or in full, are fluorescent, such as the HJC IS-17 Fluorescent green full face helmets or the LS2 FF352 Rookie Fan yellow fluorine. Acerbis also has high visibility versions such as the Acerbis Stratos Fluor Yellow modular helmet. Another modular helmet with similar characteristics is the HJC RPHA Max Evo Sólido Fluorine.

However, it is not just a matter of night security. Did you know that more than half of the drivers involved in a motorcycle accident claim that they did not see the rider? Or that most accidents occur during the day? Once again the bikers get the worst of it. 

Motorcycles are smaller, take up less space and do not come with a body. Well yeah… it’s your own body. It is not about looking like a rolling Christmas tree, but the better and further away they see you arrive, the better.

Today it is very easy to find helmets, jackets, pants, gloves and raincoats in these colors. But also accessories such as trunks, bags or boots. And although it seems that this only makes sense for road motorcycles. The truth is that in the off-road world, more focused on competition, a bit of this fashion has been ‘infected’ and in current collections there are many combinations in black yellow , in addition to a multitude of fluorine color combinations.

Reflective on the helmet? Good idea

If you are one of the classics and you do not even consider buying a helmet whose color is out of the most discreet and usual. It would not hurt if you thought about placing some reflectors that make you more visible to others. For example, in Spain, it is not legally necessary here,. But other countries such as France have understood that its placement helps prevent accidents and have incorporated it into their traffic regulations.

So, if you are caught without them, you will face a fine of 135 euros. Yes, you read that right. Even if you are not a French citizen,. As soon as you set foot on its territory you are obliged to observe this rule. By the way, do not forget that. At least in the European Union. If you commit an offense in another country and do not pay for it on the spot. It will arrive at your home.

How do these reflectors have to be? The French authorities have determined that there must be four (one on the front. One on the back and two on the sides). The surface of each label must be 18 square centimeters and, within each label. It must be possible to draw a circle with a diameter of 40 millimeters or a rectangle 12.5 square centimeters with a minimum length of 20 mm.

The good news is that there are already many helmet brands that sell approved helmet reflector kits.

With all this, putting the visibility aside, it’s recommend to consider using a helmet with heads up display. Which will allow you to ride in a more comfortable and much safer way. How? By showing all the necessary information in front of your eyes while riding. So, you don’t need to look for the GPS, calls, music, etc. they are set in front of you.

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