How to Create a Successful Holiday Campaign for Your Cellphone Repair Store

The holiday season inches ever closer, and regardless of where your repair business is or what gadgets you repair, the fact remains that the holidays are a season of excitement for both customers and owners alike. The question is, are you ready for the holiday season and the big sales that accompany them? Have you planned this busy season with a kickass marketing plan? Or even if you think you’re too late to start your holiday campaign? Don’t worry; you’re not!

If you want your cellphone repair business to have some successful holiday campaigns just like the pros, we’ve rounded up some of the best holiday campaign ideas, and here’s how you can create them before the festive season starts;


Look Back at Your Past Campaigns

Analyze your data from last year to identify where you outperformed and what you could have changed or improved to get better results. Were there any winning ideas that you can replicate for this upcoming holiday season? It’s okay if last year’s sales numbers didn’t go that great. Every business faces ups and downs, but it’s essential to learn from the past and to start making new plans.

Set up a dedicated reporting module in your cellphone repair shop software that records every sale and gives complete visibility on what’s happening in the busiest hours.


Focus on Your Target Audience

To maximize performance, you also need to understand your potential customers. When deciding what kind of holiday campaign you want to launch during this festive season, and where you want to put your efforts, work through the following questions first:

  • Who is the audience that you’re trying to reach out to?
  • What are their expectations when it comes to getting services from you?
  • What are their problems and hesitations?
  • And What makes them most excited about this time of year?
  • What are they thinking about, and how are they spending their time?
  • Which channels are they spending the most time on this time of year (email, Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube)?
  • Why should they buy products from your repair store this time vs. another company?
  • What qualitative feedback have they given you in the past about your brand or products that you could incorporate into your holiday campaign?


Personalize Your Cellphone Repair Store with a Holiday Theme

Whether you have a website representing your repair store or a physical store location. You may be expecting much more substantial traffic during the holidays. Christmas, in particular, has the chance for your repair store to make a statement and stand out among others. Here are the three main elements that can genuinely enchant your customers to come in and experience the feeling of the season:

  • Have colorful lighting that speaks to your customers about the exciting holiday season and sales.
  • Put signs out of your special in-store offer to grab customers’ attention at first sight.
  • Set up a theme for yourself and your staff members, decorate your store, and wear the colors of the season.


Market, Re-Market & Repeat

Your ultimate goal should be to stay on top of your customers’ minds. To achieve this, update all your social media profiles with your holiday offers and pair it with visuals that visitors won’t be able to resist. Go for email marketing, social media advertisements, spread word of mouth or give specially-designed Christmas discount brochures (only if you can afford it).

Here’s a secret tip: small targeted audiences + more relevant messages = more sales!


Bundle Items & Keep Your Most Popular Products Stocked

This one looks pretty simple, but you’d be surprised how many times it leads to an amazing payoff! Set your store up to advertise the most popular products you have to sell. The bestselling, most popular product on your shelves will move quick. But be absolutely sure that it won’t run out!

This holiday season offers a lot of opportunities for all businesses to skyrocket their sales, whether big or small. If you can grab your customers’ attention with a unique and effective campaign. You’ll be well on your way to pulling in additional revenue and enjoy the good times. Making sure you have all the tools and the right Point of Sale software that can help in boosting the success of any campaign. RepairDesk offers a great Christmas discount of a FLAT 25% off for new customers on yearly subscriptions for its Professional plan with the code “HAPPYHOLIDAYS2019”. Sign up and become part of more than 1,000 repair businesses who use RepairDesk the world over, starting right now!

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