Custom Neon Sign For Home Or Business

Custom neon sign are a great way to advertise your business. They allow you to get the attention of people who pass your business everyday without requiring an additional advertising budget. These types of signs range from totally custom to template designs with customization options.

The first company to have a custom neon sign designed was the Packard Car Dealership in Los Angeles. The sign read “Packard” and sold for $24,000. Since then, businesses all over the world have used neon signs to attract people to their storefront.

Custom neon signs can be used by any business including bars, restaurants, nail and hair salons, convenience stores and more. The price of a sign really depends on the complexity of the design and how big the piece is you plan to create. Many basic signs can be purchased for under $500. They also tend to be less expensive than LED signs and still create the same amount of visibility. These small investments pay for themselves pretty quickly with increased customers. An important consideration is that this is a one time purchase. It is not a reoccurring expense like other forms of advertising like radio, television, newspapers and magazines. While signs last for 8 to 15 years, many last for 30 years. Las Vegas has a history museum devoted to older signs.

If you have a sign inside your business, safety should be a consideration when choosing a place to hang the sign. Some neon signs come with a protective Plexiglas cover to keep the tubes from touching anything. Neon tubes are very hot, so you never want them to come into contact with anything or anybody. Therefore, place them out of the path of customers and away from other materials.

Neon is available in range of colors and styles. Most sign manufactures have a catalog of templates you can choose from. Some come “as is”, others allow you to add your company name to them. In addition you can have a completely custom product completed with your logo or pretty much any other design that you can come up with.

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