Buy Google Ads Accounts – How to Link Google AdWords Account

Open Google analytic account with the same Google account email address that you have used while opening Buy Google Ads Accounts. This will help in easy linking of the two accounts as you would automatically become the administrator user for Google analytic account.

If you have already opened a Google analytic account with different Google account email address then add the AdWords email address as administrator.

To set Google AdWords email-address as admin in Google analytic follow the steps mentioned below:

• Login your analytic account & click on “User Manager” link that appears below the analytic account table.

• Then click on “Add user” button that appears on upper right corner, and then enter your AdWords email address.

• Select “Access Type” option from the drop menu as Account Administrator

• Click on “Save Changes” to successfully add your email address as admin. Next, follow the steps mentioned below to link Google AdWords and Google analytic account.

• Sign-in to your Google AdWords account

• Go to Reporting tab and click on Google analytic link.

• Two options would appear, if you don’t have any Google analytic account then choose “Create my free Google analytic account” and click continue.

• If you already have analytic account then choose “I already have a Google Analytic account. Please link it to this AdWords account” and click on continue button.

• Choose existing Google analytic account from the drop down menu. If you do not see your account name in the drop down then you need to give admin access to your AdWords email address (I have already mentioned above the steps for this)

• Keep Destination URL Auto Tagging checked unless you are pretty sure, you would like to disable cost data importing and auto tagging.

But if your account is a part of My Client Center (MCC) account then you can not link MCC account to Google analytic (i.e. you can not link to analytic by adding MCC email address as administrator in analytic), as actual AdWords campaign information are not present directly under these top-level MCC accounts. Even though it is possible to manage multiple websites within same analytic but it is recommended to have different Google analytic for each child account as it makes the process of linking easy with just fewer – steps, data problems & access.

If the MCC is having multiple child accounts for same website or different websites then you can not link all the accounts to one analytic account at this point of time. You will have to create different Google analytic for each child account.

Linking Google AdWords Account & Google Website Optimizer

My Client Center (MCC) tool manager needs special access for Website Optimizer. MCC has multiple AdWords accounts which are handled by third person using this tool. Thus the standard access is not enough to allow them carrying website optimizer experiments on your account.

You have to give them special access to view and edit the website optimizer experiments.

Follow the steps mentioned below to give special access to your MCC manager:

• Create two landing pages that you want to compare. You can compare a new with the existing one.

• Login to website optimizer and follow the steps for setting up an experiment. Insert URLs that you want conduct a test on and also enter your conversion tracking URL for measuring Conversions coming on each landing page

• Click on link that approve the website optimizer terms and conditions

• Then a page would appear with the My Client Center User Access link

• Click on that link and insert your My Client Center’s (MCC) email address in the text box and click on ADD button.

Linking Google AdWords Account & Google Merchant Account (Google Base)

Product ads have two ad formats product extensions and product listings ads. But Products listings ad format is currently available only to US Advertisers & Product Extensions ad format are available in US, UK, France, German and Australia.

Other Display network sites and search network sites will not show product ads. You can add multiple Google AdWords accounts to single Google merchant account but you can link only one domain to one Google merchant account. For separate domains you would need to create separate merchant accounts. To enable products ads you need to link Google AdWords account with Google merchant account.

Follow the steps mentioned below to link these two accounts:

• Sign-in to your Google merchant account, click on AdWords Settings and enter your Customer ID (10 digit)

• Now sign in to your Google AdWords account, go to Campaigns tab and then settings. Click on Edit and you will see – “Use product images and information from my Google Merchant Center account” under Network, Products & Extensions. It is listed there as an option.

• Also link AdWords campaigns to your merchant account to complete the process.

Now you need to set required attributes such as Id, Title, Link, Price, Description, Condition and Image Link for product listings in your Google merchant account. This will help to include offerings as product extensions and product listings from merchant account.

Please note that it would take up to 12 hours for product extensions to show up along with your ads.

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