Best Ways to Improve Product Photography for Your eCommerce

When selling products online, how your images are displayed plays a huge role in whether or not people will buy your product. If there are unclear images or seem off-kilter, you could have already lost the sale before they clicked on it. While product pictures don’t make the sale by themselves, they play a role in closing the deal. So if you want to improve your eCommerce business in general and increase sales, here are the best ways to improve your product photography for an overall better result in attracting more customers.

1. Be honest about what’s inside the box :

You’ve probably seen boxes all over branded photos with random products floating around inside them. It might look nice, but it certainly doesn’t do much for your products since the customer doesn’t know exactly what they are looking at or how big it is. You want to get rid of any guesswork, so if you’re selling a perfume bottle that’s bigger than your hand. Don’t put it inside a huge box where there’s no way to see an accurate representation of its size. Put it in a smaller box that can give people an idea of how big or small something is just by glancing at photos.

2. Proper lighting :

Good lighting is important for product photography because it sets the mood for people looking to purchase something, but it also makes the products look good. Since many product images are taken in-house, every little light source. Becomes extremely noticeable when pointed straight towards the camera lens. This means if you have multiple windows in your workspace with sunlight coming through them, it’ll be really obvious in your photos. 

If there’s too much light coming from one side of an image, try placing a thin white sheet on that specific window to diffuse the light and get rid of any shadows. It can also help if you use a tripod or place your camera on a sturdy surface while taking pictures. There isn’t any unnecessary movement when you’re trying to take snapshots with multiple angles.

3. Be aware of color :

You’ve probably heard this more than once before: always check your product colors after taking pictures. You might think red looks good on a white background, but your customers might not feel the same way. 

You want colors that look accurate and don’t clash with each other. So upload a few pictures to a Chrome extension like Redcad if you have doubts about how they look from different angles. If you have trouble editing photos yourself. Adobe Photoshop is also great for color grading since it gives you more flexibility when trying out new settings.

4. Lighting over products :

If you want to make things pop in your eCommerce business, then lighting is critical. The goal here is to highlight your products as much as possible without taking away attention from them by using too many lights or flashes. Something like three-point lighting works perfectly. The key light is the primary source of light, and it should be coming from a 45 degrees angle so that there’s a dramatic look on your product. 

Next is the fill light, which reduces shadows from the key light and brightens up any parts that might have been too dark. You can adjust this as necessary if you’re using natural lighting to take pictures. Since it’ll vary depending on where you’re shooting from. Last but not least is the backlight, which brightens up edges that appear around your products. While separating them from their surroundings simultaneously.

5. Clear backgrounds :

The easiest way to get rid of an unappealing background for product shots is just by taking them outside in a natural setting with an overall cleaner look. However, if you want to keep things in-house or don’t have time for a trip out, there are many other options. White backdrops are always popular since they’re neutral and will work with any colors showing in the background on accident. Still, it can also be worth creating a graphic image with different shapes or patterns behind your products.

6. Consistent styling :

You’ve probably seen this in some of the most popular stores out there. They all have their own specific ‘look’ regarding how they advertise their products. Some companies go all out when it comes to styling options, so they’ll even include photos inside their products.


Remember that the goal here is to bring out the best in each shot. Whether by using different backgrounds or experimenting with lighting. Your customers are always on the lookout for products that look good and seem worth buying. So make sure you’re showcasing them in their best.

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