Best IP PBX Box Yeastar S100 PBX for small businesses

Get Yeastar S100 PBX for small business. It is widely acknowledged that offices and small businesses are the real avenues for employment generation and future industrial growth. Hence, the myth that PBX is kind of sophisticated phone system that only big corporations can afford has been exploded. Your office telephone systems will need connectivity with all the departments of the organization but instead of calling direct. It is best to route through centralized operator who can facilitate calling and this is what PBX will do. So, a PBX will connect the different departments or the employees of the organization by providing the extensions, It is to different locations using the one or two PSTN lines. It is a term used to describe an automated system for handling multiple phone lines. Call forwarding, call hold, voicemail, auto attendant, 3-way conferencing are some of the key features of a small business PBX.

Why Yeastar S100 PBX?

Originally, Yeastar S100 phone systems were devise to route internal phone calls within an organization. Only using the external telephone network (PSTN) for calls outside the organization. The functions of a PBX can now be provided through a hosted PBX solution. The service is outsource to a data processing provider. There is an increasing trend to outsource data processing requirements. This is largely because host solutions are less expensive to implement and maintain. They are more reliable and can easily scaled to meet increased processing requirements. IP PBXs, since they manage digital voice data using the same computing resources, are no exception.

Yeastar s100 IP PBX:

This means that a Yeastar s100 IP PBX system can now integrate into a company’s existing data processing infrastructure. It is providing considerable flexibility and cost savings in the implementation of office and intra-office telephone networks. Through virtual hosted PBX solutions an enterprise can, in fact, have administrator control of its PBX. IP PBXs use the internet rather than the copper wire of PSTN networks, which means your company’s internal telephone network. It is available anywhere where a user can link to the internet. This enables a company with multiple business locations to easily connect them resulting in much less expensive internal telephone communication. In addition, your internal telephone network can be made available to users that travel regularly no matter where they are.

Yeastar S100 Dubai:

Using Yeastar S100 Dubai is much less expensive for long distance and international calls and can result in considerable cost savings. For example, when you make a call outside of the PBX system, you can choose the provider that handles your outgoing calls to take advantage of competitive pricing. For example, you might have your PBX hosted by one provider. International calls provided by a second and local calls by a third. One of the greatest advantages to such a PBX solution is that it is highly reliable. Data center operators guarantee 100% uptime of your PBX system through large numbers of server farms, routers and other network components. They have highly redundant systems where a hardware failure affecting your virtual PBX is resolve by seamlessly moving it to another server.

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