Aricarpets – Guidelines on the Perserteppiche kaufen

Perserteppiche kaufen are of Iranian origin Aricarpets, whereas those sourced from countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, India, Afghanistan, or Turkey, amongst other countries, are not considered the real McCoy. In order not to be disappointed in your choice and purchase of such an item, these are the suggested checks which you should apply:

Labels on the Persian rugs will found on the rug’s underside. Ensure that your rug is make in Iran. Should the rug come from another country it is not strictly consider Persian.

Knots on Perserteppiche kaufen will be either single- or double-looped. Those woven originally use a single loop only; now, however, double-looping has been accept. Check that, in an antique or really old carpet, single-looping has been use.

Pattern: Check that the pattern of the rug does not show at the back. If it does, it is very likely to be machine-made.

Layout of Perserteppiche kaufen: Designs and layouts of these carpets have remained basically the same over the years. Featuring only one of four layout principles- that is, a compartment; a central medallion; an all-over; or a one-sided layout. All motifs have significance and meaning, and are attach to the region of origin.

Weaving techniques Hand-woven rugs will be costly because they are labour-intensive to produce; also, no two identical rugs will made. Genuine, hand-knotted rugs may be either of the flat-weave variety (the least costly), or hand-knotted (the most costly), or hand-tufted.

Density of Persian rug knotting: In other words, the number of knots per square inch contributes greatly to the rug’s quality. From 30 to 300 knots per square inch is the average range for a good quality Persian carpet. Those with 300 knots per square inch are the thickest and the costliest.

When hand-spun wool is use, the carpet becomes more valuable, each carpet being unique. These are less uniform than are the machine-made rugs.

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