Access Instagram Music wherever you are via free VPN

Free VPN : In 2018, Instagram introduced the ‘Music’ feature for their Instagram Stories. The said feature lets a user add songs or any other sounds found in Instagram library which is updated weekly. With over 500 million people who use Instagram stories, the ‘Music’ feature is a great way to connect on a personal level with an IG user’s followers.

Days after the feature was release, it make noise to the Instagram world. Users say that ‘Music’ is very cool as it has a lot of songs and sounds to choose from. But these kinds of testimonials were overshadowed by qualms from other Instagram users saying. That ‘Music’ is not available in their region. Turns out, it is only available in selected parts of the world like Australia. New Zealand, US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Sweden.

India, which has over 120 million Instagram users (considered as the second leading country based on Instagram users. Behind the United States), is one of the countries where ‘Music’ is inaccessible. Also, considering that Indians are music lovers (they spend more time browsing and listening to music than the rest of the world). With an average of 19.1 listening hours per week. It is safe to say that the Indian population was dismayed when they learned that this feature is not available in their country.

Good thing, connecting to VPN is allow in India. VPN allows a user to access geo-blocked apps, sites, and even features like Instagram’s ‘Music’. VPN hides a user’s IP address and changes it to some other location. So, when a user clicks a location in the VPN app which ‘Music’ is available, the user can also use the feature for his Instagram Stories.

But, accessing this feature via VPN is not as simple as one can think. This needs troubleshooting and in this article, I will teach you how to access Instagram Music even though it’s not allowed in your current location:

  1. Download a VPN on your mobile device

There are a lot of VPNs available on the internet, may it be in Play Store, App Store, or even an APK file. But you have to realize that a VPN can be a little bit pricey, especially when it offers premium bundles. Good thing, GoingVPN is here to your rescue. This VPN is 100% free, it has unlimited data, plus it has an ultra high speed feature which lets you download and stream with ease.

  • Uninstall your Instagram app

This is the first troubleshooting part. If you have your Instagram app installed on your mobile device, uninstall it first. Even if you have your free VPN on, it still would not work because that Instagram app had already stored the data that you are in a location where the ‘Music’ feature is unavailable.

  • Launch your VPN and connect to a country server where Instagram Music is available then download Instagram

GoingVPN, has country servers in Australia and USA. Where Instagram Music is available, so you may connect to any of these servers. After launching your VPN, you may download Instagram. Downloading Instagram while being connect thru VPN makes you unofficially part of the serve you’re connected in.

  • Log-in to Instagram and stay connected to VPN while posting an Instagram story with ‘Music’ feature on it

Make sure that your server is working well so that you can enjoy posting stories with this cool built-in feature called ‘Music’. After taking a photo or a video, tap the stickers button then you will find the ‘Music’ icon. Click it and choose from hundreds of songs and sounds available in their library.

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