A Polythene Products and Its Diverse Forms

A Polythene Products is a popular type of package that comes in diverse forms. Ever since this packaging was first designed in the United States in 1957, it started to gain its market share with a truly fascinating speed. The present global volume of poly bags produced worldwide is several trillion units. It is close to impossible to name the countless options that polyethylene can feature. In this article, we offer a brief overview of the most prominent uses for this convenient transparent material.

Polyethylene film is the most common type of packaging for retailers, large or small. Poly bags can be tiny or huge; they can come in any color, and opacity; they can come in any shape. Their universality has rendered them virtually irreplaceable – it is nearly impossible to find a store that doesn’t use them for their products.

T-shirt bags are yet another great example of a polythene bag. Today, hardly anyone hasn’t used/reused a fair share of t-shirt bags. These products typically come in one of two main types of polyethylene: the “rustling” LDPE (Low-density poly) or “smooth” HDPE (High-density poly). T-shirt bags come in all colors and opaqueness. Most of them bare some kind of a marketing message (brand name, logo, or company contacts).

Trash bags are yet another good example of the mighty polyethylene in action. These can be made from HDPE or LDPE, depending on the desired weight capacity. These packs can hold from around 5 to 50 gallons, or more. Their density can vary from 1mil to about 10mil. They can in any color. They come in rolls and boxes, by 10 to 100 pieces. They can made to order, which allows you to tailor them to your specific needs. They are use by private people and large companies (cleaning, wholesale, utilities and others). The durability of a polythene bag for trash can meet anyone’s requirements. These products are also very affordable; purchasing in bulk makes their price even more attractive.

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