UCDM Dealing With Bereavement

UCDM: Grieving the loss of a loved one certainly does take a period of time, but psychological studies are informing that this can be an opportunity for a new beginning toward your life purpose.

The despair and sadness when grieving the loss of a loved one will hang around for a while, but its hold on us will fade away in time.

In previous articles I told you the story of Nakita, a young woman from Croatia who began writing letters to me while I was incarcerated in an Ohio prison. I mentioned her grieving the loss of a loved one, her husband Armand being murdered, and was greeted with A Course in Miracles shortly after.

At this point I was still held in suspense as to how she ‘d gotten my address, and why she decided to look up my case on an internet site.

Everyone involved with the principles and lessons of A Course in Miracles has their own unique story, though not all as dramatic as hers. As with me, it always seems that ACIM finds you rather than running out and finding it on your own.

Bereavement time

It seems an American man, a notable guitar player who was performing and touring in the area, stayed there for a while with mutual friends.

This folk singer had a copy of A Course in Miracles with him, and when informed of Nakita’s tragic loss, he offered to review it with her over the next week.

Nakita said that once she began reading the text, she found its extremely deep content difficult to grasp, like a “foreign language,” she commented.

Regardless of her lack of comprehension of this abstract material, however, she did feel something stirring within her. She said it was an urging to continue that struck a chord as she absorbed its words.

She knew she had to get her own personal copy of this publication, and of course she did.

Bringing forward joy in others

Her sadness, depression, and despair over grieving the loss of a loved one, the thoughts of Armand’s death the way it all happened, began to fade as she realized that he had not totally left her at all.

Nakita mentioned that it was easier for her to now understand how and why the presence he had in her life to begin with was simply part of his destiny, as well as her own.

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