Some of the New Age Link Building Techniques for Fruitful SEO

SEO has one sole purpose called better traffic and resulting in better business but it isn’t that direct and involves several different processes without which you won’t be able to carry on the optimization thing in the real sense forget about traffic and business.

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Every professional optimizer is expected to carry out all these important forms of SEO for getting the cutting edge results vumoo. Among all the other known strategies, the most important place is reserved by link building in SEO campaigns carried by an optimizer.

Thus, you simply can’t ignore its importance and leave it out of your campaign. Check below a list of new age link building tactics for better SEO results.

Web 2.0 Blogging Sites:

Web 2.0 blogging sites are one of the best places to get backlinks from. You simply need to create your account on these sites and submit your content. There and place your links to get lots of backlinks helping you in the powerful link building of your site.

The trick here is to get traffic to your web 2.0 blogs and redirect them to your actual site; this will reduce the risk of your site’s getting sandboxe or sued in any other way. By Google Search Console as the hundreds of links that you build are not directly built to your main site.

The most popular web 2.0 blogging platforms are WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Squidoo, HubPages, etc.

Google Knol:

Google Knol is a web 2.0 platform but mentioned separately here because you’ll find most optimizers to be unaware of it. This amazing 2.0 site will let you post your content and gain a backlink to your website or blog.

Blog Carnivals:

A blog carnival can define as a carnival or fest where several blog posts on a particular subject are collect and combine from hundreds of different blogs. These prove a great way to get links as well as significant traffic to your site. For participating in a blog carnival, you’ll simply have to visit and start up with your blog carnivals.

Document Directories:

It is another method of gaining backlinks. However, the links that you gain from here aren’t very effective as you only get no-follow links. But it is still a great thing to bring into practice as it brings in a considerable amount of traffic to your site. Some of the popular document directories are Scribd, Docstoc, Docshare, etc.

These are among the topmost directories; in fact, some of the documents on these sites even show up in the topmost positions of the SERPs. As they have a lot of authority. So you never know if your documents submitted to these sites also start showing up in the topmost position of SERPs.

CSS Galleries:

This method of link building is hardly talk about by the optimization experts. Because it is consider a difficult technique to use. Especially because most webmasters prefer using the templates available for the WordPress blogs. And there are quite a less number of people thinking about designing the CSS of their sites. However, if you happen to design the CSS of your site or have even customized it, you can go for this method of building links Pubg pc. All you’ll have to do is to add your website to any of the sites mentioned below and gain free backlinks.

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